Social Media Design

Highlights of tasks and projects

executed in various collectives

Human Bios

A worldwide community of people supporting each other socially and medically in the struggle against the virus. Human Bios enables communities and health facilities to connect and provide care and first aid remotely through AI software.

I helped HB build up their social media presence from the ground up by composing and scheduling posts, distributing it to Facebook and Instagram platforms, and answering peoples' inquiries.

humanbios leht.png

Berlin Music Video Awards

The Berlin Music Video Awards (BMVA) is an international festival that puts filmmakers and the art behind music videos in the spotlight.

Supporting both unknown and famous artists, it is a primary networking event for the video and music industries in Europe.

During my employment in BMVA, I was in charge of social media management, video editing for the festival as well as for ALEX TV, and photography.

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Dinspøt is a group of creatives on a pursuit to create a big family by working together and connecting people. It's a collective grounded on the purpose of mutual support and encouragement of creative expression.

As the co-founder and art director of the group, I developed the overall visual appearance of the brand together with my creative team, planned the social media strategy, produced and edited interviews, and designed the website.

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